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Hummsafar believes in Embracing, Sharing, & Celebrating Diversity!

Our Global diverse community came together with a goal to provide an inclusive travel platform for all hosts, guests, and travelers and we aim to continuously improve it.

Hummsafar has its own Nationality: MANKIND 

Belonging is where Team feels secure, supported, accepted, and included. It is another way of analyzing a workplace other than looking at diversity or inclusiveness. Here are some of the few ways we foster belongingness at Hummsafar:

Diversity is our Pride
Diversity in the workplace is paramount. It results in increased innovation and better productivity of the team. Hummsafar has an extremely diversified global community that involves our employees, guests, and hosts from around the globe.

Organized: We at Hummsafar are quite organized. We use professional platforms to assign work to our team members on a weekly basis and review them timely.

We believe in constant Appreciation
Once the weekly work is reviewed, an appreciative message and feedbacks are posted on a common forum. This encourages other team members to be more efficient. This also helps in boosting morale.

Inclusion: Diversity does not exist without inclusion. When team members feel included, they feel a sense of belonging that drives increased positive performance results. Employees that feel included are
more likely to be positively engaged within the organization. Every team
member at Hummsafar is included in discussions and forums so that no one feels excluded.

Teamwork is our way!
We create collaborative teams that are innovative and
engaging. This assists us to create a sense of belongingness and
teamwork. It fosters friendships and loyalty in the workplace.
Hummsafar aims to keep the environment friendly and interactive.

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